New Music Monday!

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Two Seconds Away

Two Seconds Away

So…I KNOW it’s been a month…er two…since I’ve updated with anything, sorry! I wanted to tell you about some buddies who created a free music project called¬†New Music Monday.

Each Monday, they post a song that they either wrote and recorded or covered and recorded for our listening pleasure! They have exceeded 100k downloads throughout this project, and it’s a wonderful way to kick off your week!

Monday’s no longer suck!! Check it out here.

craig   <><



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Hey guys!! I just wanted to let you know about the software I use to access twitter on my “windows mobile” phone. I have a samsung omnia which runs windows mobile 6.1 and Twikini runs perfect on it! It gives me updates with or without a chirp…it allows profile pictures to be displayed. You can even change the theme to closely match your phone theme. I whole-heartedly endorse this product. The best thing about it is…if you blog about it….they’ll give it to you free!!!

One Prayer

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Just letting everyone know about an EXCITING event happening during the month of June!


You can get information online as well as view the message LIVE online!!

It’s amazing to know that thousands of people in thousands of churches will be focused on the exact same theme for the month of June.

Internet Explorer 8

•May 8, 2009 • 2 Comments

Internet Explorer 8 Screenshot

This post will most definitely be short, but extremely beneficial for the normal PC user. My dad recently downloaded Internet Explorer 8 and for a while, it worked ok. After about two days, however, he noticed severe lag in his computer’s performance. Thinking that perhaps his computer just needed a little maintenance, he proceeded to defrag and clear out unwanted files and folders. Upon restarting his computer, he realized that not only did this not help…but now Internet Explorer 8 wasn’t even working. He couldn’t use this browser to surf the internet, in fact, he couldn’t even connect to the internet at all!

I say all of this to let you know that Internet Explorer 8 (in any release, really) is total junk. As soon as he uninstalled the software AND deleted the “left-over” files (yeah…uninstall didn’t get rid of all the files), his computer was working as good as new.

After a little research on this problem, I have found that he’s not even close to the only one having this exact problem. Every person reporting this issue had downloaded Internet Explorer 8 recently and has nothing but bad reviews of this software. DO NOT USE. Read other thoughts and reviews about Internet Explorer 8.

I encourage everyone to use Mozilla Firefox 3 and/or Google Chrome. These products are FREE and work much MUCH better…not to mention you can customize Firefox with all sorts of add-ons!!

Google Chrome ScreenshotMozilla-Firefox_3

Youth Pastors Unite!

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Tom sent me a link to a blog that is directed at Youth Pastors. It was started by ‘s pastor, Craig Groeschel. Really interesting stuff…and a great way to know what’s happening in the world of youth ministry everywhere! check it out.

My Digital Photography

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Pictures taken with a Canon Powershot SX10IS

Portrait Photography

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I ran across this post about Portrait Photography. Give the video a look. Rick Sammon breaks down his “Top 10” tips to get a good portrait photo.

The Top 10

  1. Have an Interesting Subject
  2. Make sure you have a Good Composition
  3. Tryout Creative Crops
  4. Make sure you use a Careful Focus
  5. Check your Camera Settings
  6. See The Light
  7. Control Light: Flash & Reflector
  8. Use +/- Controls in Auto Mode
  9. Play With Light
  10. Have Fun!

I love digital photography and can’t wait to try out these tips. If you decide to follow this top 10, post your photo on my blog and we can discuss it!!